Quality Of Life In Springfield Missouri

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As a long-time resident of Springfield, I have a huge appreciation of all this community offers.

Being situated in the Ozarks, there is a lot of natural beauty that comes with the area.  Gently rolling hills with a lot of wooded cover creates beautiful land for hiking, camping and hunting.

Hunting and fishing are two vital pastimes in our area.  Most residents either own large tracts of land they can hunt on, rent or lease land just for hunting, or take advantage of the many Conservation lands available for hunting.

Fishing is another favorite sport.  Thanks to Table Rock and Stockton lake, there is a large amount of fishing that goes one.  In fact, it is this fishing culture that helped Jimmy Morris launch his wildly successful Bass Pro Shops. You can still stop by the Grand-daddy of all Bass Pro stores at the corner of Sunshine and Campbell road.

Springfield is rapidly adding more cycling trails, making it an increasingly convenient place to cycle for work and play. Granted, most of the trails are currently in parks, so it is more of a recreational activity, but the city is constantly striving to improve.

Most of the residents are employed in either healthcare or customer service.  Cox and Mercy are the two largest employers in the area, followed closely by 3M, Oreilly’s auto parts and Chase bank.

There is also a healthy mixture small manufacturing facilities in the area.  Because there are so many different manufacturing companies in the area, there is a large amount of stability. Should one close, the empty building is normally snapped up quickly by a new employer.

The diversity of employers in our area means that we are mostly insulated by the swings of the economy that are so sharply felt by other locations.  However, the jobs do not pay exceptionally well, and the median income for the area is only $38,000.

Small service businesses thrive in the area.  If you own a lawn mower, you can easily start providing lawn services in Springfield Mo. Or, you can grab some cleaning supplies and — literally overnight — start a window washing business.

Thanks to the booming downtown, there are a lot of service opportunities available to the hard working person, and many people actually bike from job to job.

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